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why don’t people laugh at me as hard as i laugh at the things i say i’m funny as fuck laugh at my jokes

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Anonymous asked:
Hi do u think it will be alright for me to wear a fall out boy shirt to a fall out boy concert? My mom literally told me if I want to go I have to wear a fall out boy shirt (no joke) I've seen people say you're not supposed to. What do you think??

if you’re comfortable wearing it and you want to, then you should. who cares what other people think? it’s your body, it’s your clothes.

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whothefuckisuncleken asked:
You know back when I first saw your comic spoofing Charlie the Unicorn only with the foursome as the unicorns and the goat fish thing, I hadn't actually seen Charlie the Unicorn before. I was almost certain that you were completely insane. And then I saw your other work. And I was right. (You're also the person that made me finally check out that series :D)

oh my gosh, this is like the best thing ever, this made my entire life :D <3 thank you so much n___n

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when i see my own art on my dash i just feel like wow i love it it makes me feel so lovely D:

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hey i'm becca, and i'm 18. i like to draw and i have really bad anxiety, and a lot of the time i relate my existence to a slice of pizza because not only am i living in a box, but i'm pretty saucy and always extra cheesy. i have a kickass boyfriend and he suprisingly isn't phil lester HERE ARE MY LINKS